Did we tell you, when you cancel your travel plans it creates a ripple effect for us in the travel and tourism industry? Well, it does. Here is how travel agents and operators get effected by you cancelling your travel plans when it’s not necessary.

Thus, we urge you, when not ever possible, postpone your travel plans to the future, because your decision to do so, might just be the saving grace for us in the travel and tourism industry.

Ms Ranjini Nambiar, President, SKAL International India and
CEO, Footloose Yatra Consultants.
Ms Grace Solomon, Associate Vice President, Mercury Travels
Mr Yasin Sharieff, Founding Partner, Travelstall and MD, The Modern Classroom
Mr Manoj Mathew, President, SKAL International Bangalore and VP- Operations, Tamara Leisure Experiences
Ms Bhawna Rao, Founder and Curator in Chief, Encompass Experiences


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