The brand-new Terminal 2 at Kemepegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bengaluru has begun operations. The terminal with a focus on sustainability was inaugurated at 8:40 a.m. on Sunday by Star Air with a short trip to Kalaburagi (GBI). The Embraer regional jet performed a rapid turnaround, touching back down in Bengaluru at 11:25.

In November 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 250,000-square-meter terminal. Originally scheduled to commence in December, flights have been postponed until mid-January due to construction delays.

During its initial few months of operation, while airlines relocate to the terminal, Terminal 2 will operate only domestic flights. Star Air is the only airline currently operating from the terminal, but AirAsia, Air India, and Vistara will begin service within the next few weeks. The terminal is designed to accommodate up to 25 million people per year.

Future in focus
Bengaluru’s distinction as the Garden City and Silicon Valley of India is reflected in the terminal’s sustainability and innovation-inspired architecture. Utilizing both technology and environmentalism, the airport has created a structure with a distinctive interior and exterior, including garden-inspired décor nestled between 10,000 square metres of green walls and hanging gardens.

The garden motif is intertwined with a long-term sustainability plan, since the airport’s solar panels and daylight harvesting save approximately 25% of energy. In addition, water is collected from six rainwater-fed ponds and filtered naturally prior to feeding the airport’s water needs.

Bengaluru is redefining its customer experience by implementing the cutting-edge Digi Yatra biometric boarding technology developed in tandem with the airport, which allows passengers to move seamlessly using only their faces.

Innovations and culture
Terminal 2 has a comprehensive Art Programme that highlights the rich cultural legacy of Karnataka. Sixty works of art commissioned from a variety of local artists are currently on display at Bengaluru Airport, including a suspended copper sculpture by Krishnaraj Chonat, MA Rauf’s Biri wall art, and Dhaatu and Anupama Hosker’s wooden puppets, creating an iconic and unforgettable experience for travellers.

If you like to visit but are unable to travel, the airport has partnered with Amazon Web Services to build a completely virtual BLR Metaport. The immersive 3D experience enables users to tour the airport on their mobile device or laptop, examine airline counters, interact with staff, check in for flights, and connect with other travellers. More information can be found on the BLR Metaport website.


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