teamLab Planets TOKYO : A Journey Of Immersive Artistry Extended Until 2027


teamLab Planets TOKYO” originally slated to conclude its run by the end of 2023, the great news is that this ethereal journey of art, technology, and nature has been extended until the end of 2027.

teamLab Planets TOKYO in Toyosu, Tokyo which celebrated its 5th anniversary last July, decided the four year extension. Also, they won the World Travel Awards 2023 for “Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2023” on September 6th at the ceremony in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  The decision to extend the duration of “teamLab Planets TOKYO” is a testament to its immense popularity.

The four-year extension allows even more people to immerse themselves in this one-of-a-kind experience. It ensures that both local and international visitors have ample time to plan and embark on this artistic journey solidifying Tokyo’s reputation as a global hub for innovative and metamorphic art experiences. Website:  


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