Southern Ocean Lodge Opens on Kangaroo Island


Recently, after nearly four years of planning, design, and construction, Baillie Lodges’ flagship property, Southern Ocean Lodge, reopened on Kangaroo Island’s breathtakingly picturesque south coast.

Establishing a new era of travel on Kangaroo Island, the original architect of Southern Ocean Lodge, Max Pritchard, and his team oversaw the property’s renovation and incorporated all the elements that visitors adored most, in addition to a few extras that were deemed significant.

The contemporary version of the internationally renowned Southern Ocean Lodge occupies a nearly identical space to the original, featuring twenty-three luxurious suites arranged along the coastline and the Great Room prominently displayed atop the limestone mountains of the island. By skillfully reorienting the guest suites to face southeast, each one now offers uninterrupted vistas of the Southern Ocean and undisturbed coastal wilderness. In addition to private balconies, each guest suite features an EcoSmart fireplace and a walk-in bathtub.

Recently added to the premises is the ultra-premium Ocean Pavilion, which has been ingeniously designed to provide either a solitary four-bedroom owner’s residence or two distinct two-bedroom accommodations, making it the ideal retreat for groups of family members and friends who are traveling together to Kangaroo Island. A wet-edge pool has been added to the terrace of the Great Room, and the Southern Spa’s expansive new enclosure accommodates three treatment rooms, a fitness center, a sauna, and both hot and cold plunge pools.

In the context of a changing climate and with a focus on catering to the needs of a contemporary travel generation to Kangaroo Island, Southern Ocean Lodge establishes novel standards for ecological sustainability within the tourism sector.

Innovative technologies such as enhanced rainwater harvesting and solar power generation, intelligent building materials, a remote-controlled sprinkler system, and the re-establishment of a natural buffer zone with approximately 45,000 biodiverse native plants propagated on-site are incorporated into the design. Here is additional information regarding the Sustainability Backgrounder.

As they embark on their journey to Southern Ocean Lodge, guests have the opportunity to listen to a virtual guided welcome through the Baillie Lodges Luxury Redefined podcast. This podcast features interviews with esteemed figures in the lodge’s recreation industry, such as architect Max Pritchard, Baillie Lodges founders James and Hayley, Southern Ocean Lodge General Managers Alison Heath & John Hird, and local artists, winemakers, and food producers.

James Baillie, the proprietor of Baillie Lodges, described the December 6, 2024 opening of the reconstructed Southern Ocean Lodge as an honor and a deeply moving occasion for the entire staff.

Mr. Baillie stated, “We feel very fortunate to be able to present the new-look Southern Ocean Lodge to the world. Hayley and I had lived and breathed the original lodge from the concept and planning stages to its award-winning reality, celebrated for its timeless design.”

He continued that reconstructing Southern Ocean Lodge was a unique opportunity to reestablish the establishment that had appeared to have such an impact on so many guests throughout the years, with some thoughtful additions to bring it in line with the needs of the next generation of travelers and ensure a sustainable future.

“It’s a ‘full-circle moment’ for us and one that brings some closure to the past, as well as an optimistic look towards the future and an even more sustainable, leading experiential tourism offering for South Australia,” he explained.

Hayley Baillie, the founder of Baillie Lodges, remarked that it had been a pleasure to discover new entrants to the region, such as food and beverage producers, artists, and designers, in addition to working with the original lodge’s local suppliers.

Mrs. Baillie stated, “We are currently presented with an opportunity to showcase to the world the remarkable variety and complexity of the Southern Australia and Kangaroo Island region as it presently and in the future stands. We eagerly anticipate reestablishing fruitful collaborations with local communities.”

We have a chance now to show the world the incredible depth and diversity of the regional Southern Australia and Kangaroo Island offering as its stands today and into the future, and we’re looking forward to working in rewarding partnerships with local communities once again,” she said.

Beginning at AU$3,400 per couple per night, rates at Southern Ocean Lodge include the same lavish amenities as the original, including airport transfers, five signature Kangaroo Island experiences, and all dining at the renowned open bar.

Kindly contact the reservations team at 61 2 9918 4355 for further details or to proceed with a reservation. You can also reach them via email at


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