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In a recent announcement made by The President of Skål International, Bill Rheaume, he states that the Skål International Quebec World Congress has been postponed until December 2021.

  1. As the world slowly begins to pull out of the COVID-19 crisis, events and travel have been put back on the front burner.
  2. The world still has a way to go to get people vaccinated and understand the need to remain safe with social distancing and mask wearing.
  3. With regard to the Skål 2021 Quebec World Congress, postponement means enjoying the meeting in the winter wonderland of the host city.

President Rheaume explained that one of the COVID constants we all have experienced over the last year is news regarding event postponements. With the roll out of vaccinations, there are positives emerging from the despair associated with the Coronavirus. Countries are beginning to consider recovery strategies and at the March Skål International Executive Board meeting, additional options were considered regarding the 2021 Quebec World Congress.

I am happy to announce that, after further discussion with the Skål International Quebec Congress LOC, the Executive Board has agreed to postpone the Congress from the original October dates to December 9 – 13, 2021. 

– President Bill Rheaume

He goes on to say that Skål International believes this decision has many positives, including:

•             The opportunity to showcase Quebec City during one of their two best seasons – December through February.

•             Skålleagues will be able to experience a host of “cool” activities.

•             Allow more time for vaccinations to be administered, Coronavirus cases to subside, and restrictions to be lessened.

•             More time for international visitors to apply for entry visas for those needing them.

I recently returned from a visit to Quebec City where I met with club executive. I can report that they are excited with the opportunity to show off their beautiful city when the lights, snow and winter activities are at their peak.”

President Bill Rheaume

The Congress LOC is doing their best to leverage their government contacts, ensuring as much support for this important event as possible. 

The President states that the chosen dates will ensure that participants would have an amazing experience and will have plenty of time to be home for Christmas.


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