Royal Caribbean reverses vaccination requirement for the states of Florida and Texas. Its cruises are to set sail from 30th June onwards. The cruises will be back after a 15 months break. The cruise line had released a statement in early may stating that passengers will be allowed on board only if they are fully vaccinated. The crew members would also be fully vaccinated and the cruise lines would follow all safety protocols put forward by the CDC.

On the contrary, Royal Caribbean has released a statement on the 4th of June which is a reversal of its previous requirement of having all passengers and crew onboard vaccinated. The requirement to be fully vaccinated will no longer be applicable only for those ships sailing out of Texas and Florida. For the rest of the states, the statement made on June 4th will hold good.

Royal Caribbean reverses vaccination requirement, but they have said that it would be strongly recommended for passengers to be fully vaccinated, even though they will not have to show proof for it. Those passengers who are not fully vaccinated or unable to verify it will need to undergo a Covid test and produce a negative certificate. All the passengers and crew on board will still have to maintain social distancing and follow safety protocols at all times, despite the relaxations.

The reason for having a new change to their previously released statement is that 90% of the people who are travelling from the states of Florida and Texas have been vaccinated already or are planning to get inoculated in time for their cruise.

This is one step closer to getting back to a state of normalcy. People can now have a change of environment, as they step out and go on such cruises after the past year of the pandemic.

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