Royal Caribbean Renews $100,000 Junkanoo Group Sponsorship in The Bahamas


Royal Caribbean International has announced that it will renew its $100,000 sponsorship of the Royal Caribbean Music Makers Junkanoo group for a second year. Reaffirming its commitment to The Bahamas, the cruise line’s sponsorship of the group, which was renamed Royal Caribbean Music Makers in 2022, will continue successfully bolstering their year-round community presence in order to fulfil their mission to preserve and infuse Bahamian culture for future generations.

“Royal Caribbean International has been a partner of The Bahamas for more than 50 years, celebrating the unique culture of our country, the hospitality of our people and the importance of the arts in more ways than one. Since its first year, this sponsorship has and will continue to boost both the spirit and competition of Junkanoo and create opportunities for greater exposure to a quintessential Bahamian experience,” according to Philip Simon, president of Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island and general manager of Royal Caribbean International Bahamas. “I hope one day every guest who visits The Bahamas will get a taste of Junkanoo and its incredibly vibrant energy.”

In addition to providing financial assistance, Royal Caribbean recently hosted the group at its Entertainment Studios in Miami, where they interacted with the cruise line’s entertainment team of professional producers, directors, choreographers, and others. In October, Royal Caribbean International President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Bayley and Royal Caribbean executives visited the Music Makers’ shacks on Fowler Street in the core of Bain Town.

Gary Russell, executive chairman of Music Makers, describes his relationship with Royal Caribbean as a love affair. In 2019, Royal Caribbean executives, including Bayley, met the group for the first time at the Fox Hill Community Centre, where they were impressed by their tale of early victories, historic records, and more recent struggles to maintain sufficient numbers for A-group participation.

Gary Russell stated, “The Music Makers Junkanoo group and community are extremely grateful and will be forever grateful for Royal Caribbean International’s generous sponsorship.” This form of financial aid has provided our group with the means to continue participating in the annual Junkanoo competition on Bay Street.

Royal Caribbean has a long history of supporting local organisations, such as Access Accelerator, Small Business Development Centre, and Tourism Development Corporation, that promote Bahamian culture, empower creative entrepreneurs, and fuel economic growth. In addition, the organisation has supported education and training partners such as the LJM Maritime Academy, the Bahamas Maritime Cadet Corps, and the National Training Agency.

As part of its commitment to The Bahamas, the cruise line has pledged that its forthcoming Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island will showcase the vibrant spirit and culture of The Bahamas through its cuisine, music and artwork. The beach club is scheduled to debut in 2025.

This decades-long history of celebrating and supporting Bahamian culture aligns with its parent company’s (Royal Caribbean Group) commitment to SEA the Future by protecting the environment, reviving communities, and accelerating innovation. Visit to learn more about how the company is promoting healthy oceans and celebrating local cultures in meaningful ways.


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