RARE India’s ‘RARE Touchstones’ Win The PATA India Tourism Impact Contest 2022


 RARE India has won the first edition of the PATA India Tourism Impact Contest. The organization has won this Contest for the ‘RARE Touchstones’ and it has been acknowledged by the contest jury for “building a model for a planet friendly, tourism platform. People and community friendly destination management and adopt tourism friendly touchstones”. RARE India was chosen as the winner by PATA India from among 100 entries that were received from various stakeholders of India’s travel and tourism industry. 

Expressing her gratitude on being acknowledged by such an esteemed industry platform, Shobhana Jain, Head of Sustainability at RARE India, said, We thank PATA India for instituting such an award, which is most essential post the pandemic when we have to change the whole travel narrative and when so many people are working tirelessly to bring about a positive change.

The PATA India Tourism Impact Contest 2022 aimed to bring into focus what according to industry stakeholders impacts their business growth, development and future outlook. The contestants were required to submit one new and innovative BIG DIFFERENCE IDEA, which will make a positive impact to tourism growth and development. 

Through the RARE Touchstones, RARE India has introduced a framework and a self-audit set of parameters that document and nudge more than 100 hotel partners in the RARE Community to adopt and better sustainable, mindful, slow, responsible and regenerative travel practices. There are 10 RARE Touchstones, including No Single Use Plastic, Water Conservation, Safe Garbage Disposal, Local Community Engagement, Human Touch, Energy Efficiency, Heritage Conservation, Sensitive Destination Discovery, Nature and Biological Diversity Conservation as well as Light Footprint Tourism.

Regarding the RARE Touchstones, Shobhana Jain said, “We believe what RARE India has set out to do with the ten RARE Touchstones is critical and perhaps a way out of the destructive impact of mindless and mass tourism. If the Touchstones are implemented and adopted, it can transform travel experiences toward the authentic and immersive with minimal ecological footprint. Moving ahead, RARE India will continue to nudge the Community within and around to continue to better the existing responsible tourism practices, learn from each other and create a positive impact.”


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