Palladium Hotel Group To Manage The New 45 Times Square Hotel In New York

  • In the future, 45 Times Square will be the next international opening of Only YOU Hotels, the premium lifestyle brand of the Palladium Hotel Group.
  • The hotel, owned by the Ferrado Hotels company, opened its doors in June 2023.
  • 45 Times Square offers much more than a prime location: design, style and an ideal proposition to experience the city with great local taste.

Located a few meters from Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan is the new 45 Times Square Hotel. Owned by the company Ferrado Hotels, belonging to the Rosp Corunna group, family office of Sandra Ortega, it will be managed by Palladium Hotel Group from its opening in June 2023. 45 Times Square Hotel is the ephemeral brand that the hotel group has chosen to operate the property, until its conversion into Only YOU Hotels, a premium-lifestyle brand with which the hotel group places itself in urban destinations.

The hotel, very characteristic and typical of New York aesthetics and life, specifically, has 139 rooms. Located in a prime location, it offers guests the opportunity to make the city of skyscrapers their own. The 45 Times Square Hotel is the perfect option to experience the city. Under their slogan, “Enjoying every NYC minute”, they will surprise even the most curious and restless travellers.

“This new opening represents a great milestone for Palladium Hotel Group, since it is the first hotel that we will operate in the United States. New York is also one of the most desired destinations for travelers from all over the world and we believe that Only YOU Hotels will be a perfect fit with the innovative and urban style of the city,” said Jesús Sobrino, CEO of Palladium Hotel Group.

Juan Serra, General Director of Only YOU Hotels emphasized, “For Only YOU Hotels it is strategic to have a presence in one of the most influential cities in entertainment, fashion and culture worldwide. At the Palladium Hotel Group, we are working to transform the asset, following the brand’s trend, blending in with the city and welcoming those who come to enjoy all its experiences.”

During this transition period, the company wants to turn “45” into a symbol for urban adventurers – the individuals who make the destination their own, visiting museums and dining in the most coveted restaurants recommended by locals. Those travelers who choose to stay at 45 are looking to recharge their energy to get out of the routine and continue discovering the city, transforming 45 into The Seeker’s Number.

Since New York is the city that never sleeps, 45 Times Square is the place to rest and continue dreaming of an unforgettable experience in NYC.


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