Lufthansa City Airlines Begins Ticket Sales In April And Flights In June


Lufthansa City Airlines, the newest airline in the Lufthansa Group, will begin flight operations on June 26, 2024, with a trip from Munich to Birmingham. Guests can now book tickets for Lufthansa feeder services as well as direct flights between Munich and a number of locations. The available itineraries will subsequently be bookable through the familiar Lufthansa Group sales channels using flight numbers with the new airline code “VL”.

Lufthansa City Airlines is fully linked into the feeder networks of Lufthansa’s Frankfurt and Munich hubs. The airline is initially launching flights from Munich to European and German domestic locations such as Birmingham, Hanover, and Düsseldorf.

The newly established airline will take off with A320 aircraft. The Lufthansa Group has sent a clear signal for Lufthansa City Airlines’ future by buying 40 brand-new aircraft of the fuel-efficient Airbus A220-300 type, with an additional 20 purchase options. Lufthansa City Airlines will progressively expand its network by adding more European destinations as its fleet grows.

Jens Fehlinger, Lufthansa City Airlines Managing Director Operations, comented, “Lufthansa City Airlines is contributing to the future viability of the hubs in Munich and Frankfurt. We are looking forward to new modern Airbus A220 and A320neo deliveries in the coming years. For our guests and employees, we are driving forward our renewal and thus strengthening Lufthansa’s planned growth in long-haul traffic.” 

Passengers may expect the tried-and-true Lufthansa product and service offering on short and medium-haul flights.


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