Jamaica Tourism Minister Outlines Five-Year Plan, Expects 5 Million Guests In 2025

Sirmione, jamaica
Jamaica beach, Sirmione

Edmund Bartlett, the tourism minister of Jamaica has laid out extensive plans to rebuild growth in the tourism sector so that it can return to its pre-pandemic levels. During a meeting held with the Jamaica Tourist Board international sales and marketing teams, the minister outlined a five-year plan. The plan hopes to achieve five million visitors, US$5 billion in earnings and employment of 200,000 Jamaicans in the tourism sector.

Minister hopeful about tourism recovery in 2021

Back in 2019, Jamaica saw nearly four million guests but the number plummeted to one million this year. “Hope for all of us lies in travel and tourism. Travel became the world’s largest industry in 2019 so we know that people will travel,” said Bartlett. “We’re going to bring back Jamaica’s economy. We need to give the world hope. As long as people travel, they produce, and they consume. Consumption will make for prosperity for all.”

Bartlett has also proposed a destination assurance position that focuses on engaging the generation that transcends demographics and reflects the shared psychology of living through the pandemic. This scheme will prioritise health and safety and position the destination as the premiere holiday choice for sun, sea and everything in between. Many hospitality brands slated to launch in 2020 are looking to open in 2021. 

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