ITB China 2023 Features Over 17,000 Business Engagements

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The fourth ITB China marked its spectacular live-return, concluding its 2023 edition with notable business meetings and Chinese and international dialogues.

The event attracted approximately 10,000 attendees, including more than 700 senior-level Buyers and 360 exhibitors from nearly 60 countries, nurturing a dynamic exchange of knowledge and cultivating invaluable connections. This strengthens China’s resurgence in outbound travel and solidifies ITB China’s position as China’s preeminent B2B travel trade show. The next ITB China 2024 will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre from May 27-29.

Recent insights from this year’s ITB China indicate that the rising demand for outbound travel indicates a positive trend, as well as an optimistic return and outlook for the industry in the coming year. “After three years, the world comes together again at ITB China, and the timing for the event in September couldn’t be more opportune as the Chinese travel industry stands at the brink of a positive future. This year’s event buzzed with excitement over the return of in-person meetings,” David Axiotis, general manager of Messe Berlin (Shanghai), expressed optimism about the upcoming months as attendees engaged in numerous conversations and business encounters to re-establish connections.

The official start, marked by the Grand Opening Dinner and the CEO Seminar, established the tone for this year’s prestigious event.
Nearly 20 senior executives from China’s leading outbound and inbound travel companies engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on “The Impact of Global Relations and the Economic Situation on China’s Inbound and Outbound Tourism Market” at the CEO Seminar, one of the many highlights of this year’s ITB China. This robust discussion yielded crucial strategic insights for influencing the future of travel. “Meeting with numerous top executives from the industry after three years brings me immense joy and holds great significance. We engaged in a fruitful exchange of ideas on the opportunities and challenges in the recovery process of China’s outbound and inbound tourism market.”

He Yong, president of HCG International Travel Group, stated that platforms such as ITB China play a crucial role in connecting domestic tourism companies with international partners, thereby expanding their business horizons.

On the eve of the trade show, the Grand Opening Dinner, attended by 450 distinguished guests, set the tone for the notable event profile. David Ruetz, Senior Vice President at Messe Berlin, ShiJun Liu, Secretary General of World Tourism Alliance (WTA), and Alhassan Aldabbagh, President – APAC Markets, Saudi Tourism Authority, were just a few of the illustrious presenters who enriched the event with their insightful remarks.

Effective Business Interactions and Positive Responses from Buyers and Exhibitors

Some 360 Exhibitors and 700 prominent purchasers participated in a series of 17,358 fruitful and productive meetings that fostered partnerships and alliances. Mr. Wizani Rosmin, Director of Tourism Malaysia Shanghai, remarked, “I am quite impressed. As you know, for the tourism industry, the most important thing is we need to meet each other, because it is about hospitality. This is a good beginning for the buyer and our seller to come together and create new business opportunities.” 

Mr. Tyrone Tang, CEO of Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., commented, “The enthusiasm from both visitors and exhibitors has been incredibly high this year, and we had the opportunity to meet many new and old friends. The ITB China matchmaking system was particularly effective in connecting us with targeted buyers, making the show an excellent platform.”

Mr. Guo Ming, chief operating officer of HHtravel and one of this year’s buyers, stated, “The exhibition experience this time has been truly remarkable, and I can describe it using three key words: Timely, efficient, and convenient. Following the announcement of the third round of resumption of outbound group tour services in August, ITB China promptly organized the exhibition event, and each matchmaking meeting was well-coordinated, one after another, ensuring a highly efficient process.”

Xu Xiao, Senior Vice President of Bravolinks, stated, “This moment, eagerly anticipated by all of us in the tourism industry, is a vibrant testament. As the foremost service provider in Business Travel and MICE, we are poised to channel a larger customer base to destinations worldwide, fostering international business, trade, and cultural exchanges.” 

ITB China Conference Features Practical Strategies and Visionary Insights

ITB China Conference’s status as China’s premier industry think tank was reaffirmed by the conference’s dynamic content and lively discussions, which captivated a global audience. Over seventy speakers covered more than thirty topics, enriching attendees with knowledge and market trends. These sessions served as a centre of knowledge for all attendees, facilitating the exchange of creative ideas. The ITB China Conference was organised in collaboration with co-host and ITB China partner TravelDaily. CBD Technology Foundation received the prestigious ITB China Startup Award in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the travel industry. This award represents the innovation and potential inherent in the startup ecosystem.

ITB China Networking Continues in the Next Steps
The online networking function of the ITB China App will remain active until October 31, allowing participants to expand connections and investigate business opportunities via e-business card exchanges and instant messaging with potential partners. On the ITB China Platform, those who missed sessions can also examine the content online.

Mark your calendars for ITB China 2024
ITB China 2024 is scheduled for May 27-29, marking its return to the month of May.
Exhibitors can reserve a spot by registering at


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