Immerse Yourself In Kerala’s Rich Culture: Top Places To Visit During Onam

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Traditional Onam sadya served in banana leaf

Kerala, often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” is a land of vibrant traditions and diverse cultural experiences. One of the best times to explore its rich heritage is during the Onam festival, which falls on 29th August this year. Thomas Cook and SOTC Travel have curated a list of must-visit places in Kerala where you can immerse yourself in its cultural tapestry and enjoy the festive fervor of Onam.

1. Trivandrum:
   The capital city sets the tone for your cultural journey. Visit the Kuthiramalika Palace, a magnificent wooden palace with traditional architecture. Explore the Napier Museum to witness a vast collection of artifacts reflecting Kerala’s history and culture.

2. Kochi:
   Head to the charming city of Kochi to experience a blend of cultures. Stroll through Fort Kochi’s narrow lanes, where you’ll find the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets and colonial-era buildings. Don’t miss the Kathakali performances that bring Kerala’s classical dance-drama to life.

3. Alappuzha:
   Known for its backwaters and serene beauty, Alappuzha offers an authentic Kerala experience. Hop on a traditional houseboat to cruise through the picturesque backwaters, passing by lush paddy fields and quaint villages.

4. Thrissur:
   If you’re visiting during Onam, Thrissur is a must-see. Witness the grandeur of Pulikali, a folk art form where artists paint themselves as tigers and leopards. The Athachamayam festival marks the beginning of Onam celebrations here.

5. Kumarakom:
   This tranquil village is renowned for its bird sanctuary and traditional Keralan architecture. Immerse yourself in the local culture by participating in Onam-themed activities, including pookalams (floral arrangements) and traditional games.

6. Kozhikode:
   Explore Kozhikode’s historical sites and vibrant markets. Taste the traditional Malabar cuisine, known for its rich flavours. The Matri Dei Cathedral and Tali Temple offer insights into the region’s religious diversity.

7. Kovalam:
   Unwind at the stunning beaches of Kovalam while experiencing Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Embrace the local culture through art galleries, cultural shows, and traditional handicraft markets.

8. Wayanad:
   For a glimpse into Kerala’s indigenous culture, visit Wayanad. Engage with tribal communities, explore ancient caves, and trek through lush forests. The Thirunelli Temple and Edakkal Caves are cultural landmarks worth exploring.

9. Palakkad:
   Known as the “Gateway to Kerala,” Palakkad offers a rich cultural experience. Attend traditional music and dance performances, and visit the historic Palakkad Fort, which showcases a blend of Kerala and European architecture.

10. Munnar:

    While primarily famous for its tea plantations and breathtaking scenery, Munnar also offers glimpses of Kerala’s cultural roots. Participate in local festivals, visit tea museums, and interact with local communities.

Kerala’s cultural heritage comes alive during the Onam festival, and these top destinations offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the state’s vibrant traditions. With the expertise of Thomas Cook and SOTC, your journey through Kerala’s cultural tapestry will be unforgettable, leaving you with memories of a truly authentic experience.


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