Etihad And Tap Air Portugal Codeshare Opens Exciting New Destinations


A strategic codeshare agreement has been reached between Etihad Airways and TAP Air Portugal, granting passengers of both airlines improved connectivity to various destinations across the other’s networks.

This agreement represents the most recent step in Etihad’s effort to bolster Abu Dhabi’s economic and cultural development by increasing the number of visitors to its residence and providing them with enhanced travel benefits and more memorable experiences.

The partnership will provide Etihad clients with convenient one-stop access to a wide range of exciting locations on the TAP network. Illustrious communities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil, along with San Francisco and Miami in the United States, are among these.

Customers can also establish connections with Marrakech and Dakar in Africa, in addition to the captivating African resort island of So Tomé, which is among the picturesque locations accessible via this collaboration. Furthermore, Seville, Valencia, Madeira, Malaga, and Seville are all within reach.

The codeshare enables patrons to optimise their travel experiences by facilitating a solitary reservation, which entails a single check-in procedure at the outset, and the supplementary benefit of baggage conveyance to the ultimate location.

According to Arik De, the Chief Revenue Officer of Etihad, this partnership offers convenient one-stop access to 26 exceptional leisure and business destinations offered by TAP for our guests.

He added, “Equally, it expands the choices available to TAP customers travelling from Europe to Abu Dhabi, offering them the opportunity to explore the inviting hospitality and rich culture of our home, and seamlessly connect to a selection of our destinations in the GCC and Seychelles.

“Widening our network reach, allowing more guests to visit Abu Dhabi, is an important part of our strategic growth. It allows us to further reinforce Abu Dhabi’s cultural and economic development, extending a warm welcome to more guests and offering them heightened travel privileges and unforgettable experiences.”

Mario Cruz, chief revenue officer of TAP, stated, “The codeshare agreement between TAP Air Portugal and Etihad adds diversity and quality to the travelling experience that both companies offer their customers.

“The destination networks of the two airlines complement each other through this agreement, which is part of TAP’s growth and expansion strategy. We are very pleased to have reached this partnership with Etihad.”

Following the launch of Etihad’s non-stop services to Lisbon earlier this year, the agreement enables TAP and Etihad consumers via Frankfurt and London Heathrow to connect to one another’s networks.

Furthermore, it will facilitate visitors’ access to Abu Dhabi’s captivating array of attractions, from the architectural marvel of the Louvre Abu Dhabi to exhilarating experiences at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, in addition to linking them to Etihad’s network.

The new codeshare went into effect as of December 5, 2023.


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