Recently, one of the largest online travel technology platforms in India,, introduced a travel program titled “Explore Bharat—Discover the Soul of India.” This program endeavors to attract travelers who are residing outside of India by providing meticulously crafted tour packages that shed light on the country’s diverse array of cultural, historical, architectural, geographical, and wildlife aspects, among others. The cultural tapestry of Bharat comprises a multitude of artistic expressions, languages, traditions, and religions. “Explore Bharat” endeavors to decipher this complex tapestry, providing travelers with the opportunity to directly observe the myriad hues that adorn the Indian landscape.

The program’s meticulously curated tour packages comprise a harmonious symphony of experiences, guaranteeing an all-encompassing glimpse into the cultural splendor of India. Every itinerary offers a serene backwaters experience in Kerala and a journey through time and tradition, from the regal palaces of Rajasthan. EaseMyTrip, leveraging its profound knowledge in the travel industry, guarantees that these tours transcend mere journeys between locations and instead offer immersive experiences that unearth profound facets of India.

By offering customized travel plans, luxurious facilities, a variety of transportation options, and high-quality accommodations, “Explore Bharat” is anticipated to revolutionize the inbound tourism industry. This program guarantees a comprehensive exploration of the abundant history and culture of India through the careful presentation of renowned landmarks. Every traveler can anticipate a thorough examination of India through the meticulously curated itineraries of EaseMyTrip, thereby enhancing their overall travel experience.

According to Nishant Pitti, the CEO and Co-founder of EaseMyTrip:

Explore Bharat- Discover the Soul of India” goes beyond being a travel program; it serves as a journey into the heart of Bharat. At EaseMyTrip, we believe in creating experiences that surpass destinations providing travelers with a connection to the essence of this incredible nation. Through Explore Bharat we aim to showcase the facets of India – from its palaces, to iconic landmarks – offering an enriching and captivating journey. We are excited to introduce this program and extend an invitation to travelers to experience the offering. Join us as we explore the extraordinary, where every moment is filled with discovery and adventure.

EaseMyTrip participated in the renowned World Travel Market at ExCel in London earlier this month. The event served as an ideal platform to inform an international audience about Explore Bharat, providing attendees with an exclusive glimpse of the unparalleled wonders that India possesses to offer.


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