Established legacy airlines tend not to alter their branding too frequently, and when they do, the focus is typically on the logo rather than the name. Cathay Pacific Group, one of the most recognizable airlines in the world, has rebranded globally as Cathay to better depict the airline’s and travel group’s multifaceted nature.

Airline remains Cathay Pacific

Recently, the company announced that its new premium travel lifestyle brand, Cathay, will be rolled out globally. Powered by the Feels Good to Move campaign, the new brand under the Cathay master brand celebrates travel as a way of life, while Cathay Pacific remains the brand for the group’s airline.

It appears that the group wants the world to know that Cathay is a travel lifestyle brand with many complementary categories, and not just an airline. These segments include not only flights but also wellness, vacations, dining, shopping, and payments, with Asia Miles serving as the “currency to earn and burn”

Cathay, like many diversified businesses, desires to acquire a larger portion of each customer’s spending across multiple platforms and believes that bringing all of its offerings under one umbrella will facilitate this. In its recent announcement, Cathay stated that customers can anticipate an “array of new and aspirational offerings” in the areas of holidays, shopping, dining, wellness, and finance, and that the company intends to engage with its customers daily.

Feels Good To Move

The new global campaign, Feels Good To Move, is Cathay’s first in more than three years, and in addition to the rebranding, it appears to be a means for the group to shake off the dust and gloom of the COVID-19 era.

Cathay stated that the new brand is inspired by the company’s mission to advance people forward in life and is a celebration of humanity’s innate desire to move, beginning with our very first heartbeat.

Edward Bell, Cathay’s General Manager of Brand, Insights, and Marketing Communications, stated that the campaign gets to the heart of why Cathay exists as a premium travel lifestyle brand, describing it as a brand “that aims to enable us to live the premium travel lifestyle, every day.”

Cathay has always been about forward movement and restlessness is in its DNA, so this campaign is a celebration of how good it feels to be on the move.


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