Bhutan And Chiang Khan Declared ‘Green Destinations’

Taktsang monastery (tiger's nest), Paro,Bhutan
A must watch thing if you ever visit Bhutan.

Bhutan and Chiang Khan, Thailand, have achieved the renowned Green Destinations ‘Silver’ accreditation certificates. Bhutan, which is considered as the world’s first carbon-negative country, sees the Green Destination Silver Award as yet another key milestone in sustainable tourism.

Bhutan will remain a world-class tourism destination, guided by strong leadership and good environmental and conservation policies. Chiang Khan is known for its century-old wooden buildings with magnificent architecture along the Mekong River. Chiang Khan, Thailand’s well-known destination for its life and culture, has also received the Green Destinations Silver award. ‘Green Destinations’, situated in the Netherlands, is a Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) approved certification agency that provides the highest achievable and most cheap accreditation. So far, 122 destinations worldwide have received certification from ‘Green Destinations’.

According to Alber Salman, President of Green Destinations, numerous Asian destinations have expressed an interest in destination certification schemes. So far, five Asia Pacific destinations have been awarded Green Destination Certification, including one each from Japan and the Philippines, and three from Taiwan. Four venues from Thailand and Indonesia are in the process of becoming accredited.

Mamallapuram is India’s first ‘Green Destination’ and has completed all reporting and assessments, achieving a 65% SDG destination score. The final award level for Mamallapuram will be formally proclaimed and awarded in a few months following the audit, making it the first World Heritage Site in the Asia Pacific area to meet this standard. The Mamallapuram certification initiative is wholly funded by the MAMAT Trust, which operates under the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, as part of their efforts to promote Indian history. Sigiriya World Heritage Site, like Mamallapuram, is being certified by the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority with UNDP financing. It is believed that the destination would finish the procedure by next year.


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