Amadeus Renews Partnership With Travel Up


Amadeus has renewed its long-standing agreement with Travel Up, one of the major travel agents in the UK.

The major travel vendor will thus continue to benefit from one of the industry’s broadest ranges of content via the Amadeus Travel Platform, which combines NDC (New Distribution Capability), EDIFACT, and low-cost carrier (LCC) material in a harmonised, smooth flow.

As part of the agreement, Travel Up will continue to use Amadeus Web Services to ensure efficient booking and fulfillment, as well as Amadeus Master Pricer Extra, a solution designed to provide Travel Up customers with the lowest bookable fares, optimal itineraries across a wide range of airlines, and faster response times thanks to this new cutting-edge air search capability.

Ali Shah, CEO of Travel Up, stated, “We have been an Amadeus customer for 15 years and are delighted to extend the relationship today.Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the science of travel search and shopping, and Amadeus has continuously evolved to remain the technology leader that offers my business the tools we need to succeed.”

He added that traveller expectations are always evolving and as they turn their attention to the next chapter in their growth story, Travel up is excited about exploring fresh solutions with Amadeus including the use of generative AI and conversational search to grow.

Travel Up, which has established a strong presence in the visiting friends and relatives (VFR) segment, will use Amadeus content to expand into new markets.

The agency has taken the first steps toward expanding into the United Arab Emirates, including establishing a physical presence in Dubai and other locations throughout the country.

Steve Love, commercial director of Amadeus UK & Ireland, adding, “We’re excited to be renewing our agreement with Travel Up, a company that has big plans for the future.”

Hewent on to say that Amadeus’ search and shopping solutions, paired with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, will elevate pre-, post-, and on-trip sales and service, allowing agents to assist travelers more quickly. Travel Up can upsell, cross-sell and compare offers faster than ever, as well as creating new dynamic bundles from a wide variety of flight options, accommodation, and mobility.

Travel Up, founded in 2004, strives to make international travel simple for its consumers.


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