Algarve Tourism Launches “Save Water” Seal To Encourage Water Conservation


Algarve Tourism is committed to provide a quick and efficient reaction to address the region’s water scarcity.

To do this, it recently launched a series of programs aimed at actively engaging all parties involved in the region’s tourism, including companies and sector agents, as well as tourists and residents.

Among these different measures, the introduction of the new “Save Water” seal stands out as a tool for mobilising tourism enterprises in the Algarve to implement more mindful water consumption practices, assuring water efficiency and higher environmental sustainability in the region.

This seal, created in collaboration with Turismo de Portugal and ADENE – the Energy Agency, is given to businesses who agree to follow an action plan that includes a number of priority or structural initiatives targeted at increasing water savings. Examples of these initiatives include replacing showers, faucets, and toilets with more efficient models, watering green spaces less, selecting plant species suitable to the Algarve environment, and postponing the operation of lakes and ornamental fountains. Companies that participate in this project agree to monitor water use, oversee the execution of the measures, and share and encourage the adoption of best practices for saving this crucial resource among staff and customers.

Through this voluntary commitment and collaborative efforts, the tourism sector hopes to contribute to a 15% reduction in urban water usage in the destination by the end of the year. So far, 25 hotels have joined the project and are fulfilling the proper processes to display the “Save Water” seal.

‘Save Water, be a Futurist’ is the motto of a collaborative advertising campaign with Turismo de Portugal that aims to increase awareness while daring tourists to take an active role in water conservation during their visit to the Algarve. This program encourages travelers to experience the area and their vacations in a more mindful and responsible manner, involving them in nature conservation and the balanced use of natural resources such as water.


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