Ajman Department Of Tourism Development (ADTD) Conducted Its First Three-City Workshop In India


Ajman Department of Tourism Development executed its first ever trade activation through a tri-city workshop that was held in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bangalore on 20th, 21st and 22nd September respectively, which witnessed a constructive and educative session of select agents in each city who are keen on promoting the multiple facets of destination Ajman.

The workshop was designed to expose the Indian private sector to Ajman’s seamless connectivity from Dubai and Sharjah, latest tourism products and the plethora of leisure hotels that guests and travellers can experience in the most emerging Emirate of UAE. It also highlighted the region’s potential for being an aspirational destination for couples planning a wedding outside the country owing to its
stellar beach side properties and cultural benevolence. The workshop’s key purpose was to establish Ajman as a destination which can serve as a gateway to experience the different side of UAE.

Speaking on ADTD’s first-ever initiative in the India market, Ms. Khadija Turki, Acting Director General, Ajman Department of Tourism Development, commented, “The outbound travel market in India has been showing positive signs of recovery and we recognize its potential to outperform in the upcoming months. Capitalizing on these developments, ADTD is excited to introduce its products and experiences to the Indian private sector and entice more Indian travellers to visit Ajman. Through the workshops across the three key cities in India, we aim to spread more awareness amongst travel agents and enable them to position Ajman as an exciting destination for travellers visiting UAE and seeking unique experiences. We are certain that the participants of the workshop will act as catalysts and ensure increase in Indian footfalls in Ajman.”

Adding to the same, Mr. Sunil Mathapati, Director, Intrepid Marketing & Communications, expressed, “As the outbound Indian travel market traffic is directed heavily towards Southeast Asia and gulf countries, the travellers are seeking newer experiences and Ajman fits the bill perfectly for them. Deeply rooted in culture and heritage while offering global hospitality experiences, Ajman is one of the most coveted emerging destinations. The workshops conducted with niche group of travel agents will assist ADTD in training them and empowering them with destination knowledge so that they can cater to their clients and drive conversions to the emirate city in the forthcoming months.”

Banking on the private sector’s welcoming response at the workshops, ADTD looks forward to planning more strategic marketing and communication activities across key Indian source markets in the years to come and make Ajman an aspirational short-haul leisure destination.


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