Agoda launched Covid-19 isolation stay options in India. It is an online travel company that has used its technology for the better during the difficult times of the ongoing pandemic to give people access to Covid-19 isolation stay options. Agoda is a Singapore based company that helps people book hotels, flights and so on. It will now help people find room to isolate themselves if they have contracted Covid-19.

Agoda launched Covid-19 isolation stay options in India in two categories, one for “Hospi-tel” services, wherein Covid positive guests can isolate in rooms booked under this category until their recovery. Those who have tested Covid positive and have stable vitals can isolate in hotels part of another category, which comprises 100+ hotels in more than 23 locations across India. This makes it accessible for a large number of people across the country to avail these services. They have also made sure that the properties selected also provide additional services such as oxygen, meals 3 times a day and any other requirements that the guests will require till they recover. These services are also available in the form of packages at reasonable prices, they can be accessed through the Agoda website.

Agoda also has another dedicated platform for those working as frontliners who wish to live close to their work place and along with their families. This model is already successful in Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines. The aim of the company is to help provide accommodation and services for those who are in need of it during this pandemic, they want to use the technology available to them to help people with the same.

They have done this with the help of their team who has worked to curate a list of all the hotels which will accommodate covid positive patients, and help them with any other services until they recover. Their digital platforms consist of both quarantine packages and isolation stays.

Agoda also has rooms available for regular travelers who are looking for safe and sanitized stays.


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