After Startups, OYO Founder Extends Philanthropical Support To The Underprivileged With Free Healthcare


Ritesh Agarwal, known for funding and supporting small and regional startups across India, will now be extending his philanthropic drive to provide free treatment for the underprivileged, starting with five healthcare centers in Odisha.

  • The centers, operated by health-tech startup ‘Last Mile Care’, will be named the Ramesh and Bela Agarwal Healthcare Center as a mark of respect for his parents 
  • They provide primary healthcare services and facilities such as preventive care, diagnostic services and treatment for minor illnesses, along with professional consultation and referral services, affordable medication, and digital health record facilities
  • The center offers free treatment to the underprivileged for the first three months and discounted treatment for the first six months
  • The centers will use health-tech, and options of hybrid care to provide high quality and affordable healthcare in small towns 

Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of global travel-tech company OYO, has announced the establishment of five healthcare centers for the underprivileged in his home state of Odisha over the next one year. The centers will be operated by the health-tech startup ‘Last Mile Care’, which already runs 11 health centers across India. The strategic placement of these centers aims to cover regions with limited access to healthcare facilities, thereby bridging the gap between healthcare services and marginalised populations.

As part of this initiative, the first center – the Ramesh and Bela Agarwal Healthcare Center, has been inaugurated by Shri Jagannath Saraka, the state minister for SC & ST Development, Minorities and Backward Class Welfare and Law, in Ritesh’s hometown of Rayagada. The center has been named in honor of his parents, late Mr. Ramesh Agarwal and Mrs. Bela Agarwal.

The centers will use health-tech and options of hybrid care to provide high-quality and affordable healthcare in small towns.  These centers will provide free doctor consultations for the first three months and discounted treatment and medicine for everyone during the first six months. The services include preventive care, diagnostic services, primary healthcare services, treatment for minor illnesses, professional consultation, referral services, affordable medication, and digital health record facilities.

In addition to this, each such center will have a team of doctors with specialisation in gynecology, eye diseases and heart diseases. A pharmacy will also be available to offer complete healthcare solutions to patients. 

This endeavor showcases Ritesh Agarwal’s commitment to giving back to Rayagada, the town where he spent his formative years and to his home state Odisha.

With Last Mile Care as its operational partner, the center is well-equipped to provide basic healthcare facilities to both the underprivileged and the general public. Last Mile Care successfully operates 13 such centers across India, including one in Tandipur village in Odisha, developed in partnership with OYO Care, the CSR wing of OYO. The Ramesh and Bela Healthcare Center in Rayagada is a larger facility with more amenities and technological support. 

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of OYO, remarked, “As we navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, collaboration between healthcare providers, tech innovators, policymakers, and communities is paramount. By fostering an environment conducive to innovation and investing in initiatives such as these, we are doing our bit to ensure that quality medical services become accessible to everyone”.

The establishment of these healthcare centers aligns with Ritesh Agarwal’s longstanding commitment to social welfare and his vision of creating a positive impact on communities. Through this initiative, he aims to make a significant contribution to improving healthcare accessibility and fostering better health outcomes for the people of Odisha.


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