A New Iconic Hotel Opens In Paris

Picture of guests getting key card in hotel

The most recent addition to the family-owned Leitmotiv hotel chain, La Fantaisie is located on the vibrant Rue Cadet.
Martin Brudnizki designed the hotel’s interior to be a secluded oasis where guests can experience both nature and luxury. The innovative outdoor location at La Fantaisie features extensive landscaping. Its rooftop bar, surrounded by trees and offering breathtaking views of Paris, has rapidly become a favourite among locals.

Each of the 73 bedrooms and suites, as well as the spa and various bathing amenities, was designed to be an oasis of tranquilly, providing visitors with a total escape from the city.

The coral accents, vibrant yellows, and vibrant greens in the colour scheme evoke the outdoors and serve to unwind and revitalise guests. Richly padded couches, extravagant headboards, beautiful walls and ceilings adorned with floral wallpaper, and other such opulent details transport guests to a mystical domain of nature.

The Martin Brudnizki Design Studio meticulously selected the spa’s natural elements, which included cane backrests, glass wall lighting that resemble petals and leaves, and a mosaic depicting a field of wildflowers and meadows.

Chef Dominique Crenn’s return to France has made headlines due to the revolutionary concept of independence and collaboration she introduces to the hotel’s dining room. The interior has a tranquil atmosphere and abundant brilliant natural light. The patio, which leads to the garden, encourages you to spend more time outdoors when the weather is favourable. The glass ceiling of the restaurant was designed to resemble an old greenhouse in order to bring the outdoors inside and commemorate the changing of the seasons.

The rooftop lounge overlooks the famed zinc rooftops of Paris and is surrounded by vegetation. The bar is a social hub with delectable drinks and an eclectic, enjoyable ambience, similar to a hidden island paradise replete with luxurious amenities and intoxicating spirits.

The resort takes a holistic approach to relaxation and health, with baths inspired by ancient medicinal rituals and utilising the restorative power of underground springs. Armchairs upholstered in a soft green fabric, mosaics depicting budding plants, and pools of water all reflect the spring green colour of their environs and allow nature to flourish at the heart of this tranquil sanctuary.

The new facade, inspired by the manner of Paris, is clad in grayish-green zinc that has been pre-weathered. The copper roofing helps to establish a harmonious relationship between the man-made and natural worlds. The new glass rooftop space, situated between the neighbouring buildings, is the apex and crowning glory of the hotel’s contemporary design and lends vibrancy to the streetscape.

The Leitmotiv Hotel Group’s La Fantaisie debuted on the Rue Cadet in the ninth arrondissement. The average nightly rate is approximately 558 euros.


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