34 Singapore Airlines Passengers Still Hospitalized A Week After Turbulence

singapore airlines

Almost a week after a London-Singapore flight encountered air turbulence, 34 passengers remain hospitalized in Bangkok, according to the South China Morning Post.

Singapore Airlines said in a late Monday update that 50 individuals on Flight SQ321 on May 21 have yet to depart from Bangkok, with the majority getting continuous medical treatment. The entire team has safely returned to Singapore.

The majority of injuries were to the head or spine, and more than a dozen people required surgery. Singapore Airlines has now introduced stronger cabin regulations during turbulence, however it does not require constant seat belt use throughout the flight.

The airline has confirmed its full cooperation with authorities in their investigation of the event, which claimed one life. Following the turbulence-induced emergency landing in Bangkok, thorough investigations are underway.

While flight turbulence causing harm is uncommon, a recent instance involving Qatar Airways has garnered attention. A airplane flying through Turkish airspace on Sunday suffered strong turbulence before landing safely in Dublin on time. Throughout the bumpy flight, 12 people onboard were injured.

According to RTE News, passengers on the Qatar Airways flight described moments of pandemonium and panic as the plane unexpectedly fell in altitude. Despite the turbulence, the seatbelt indicator was apparently not illuminated, making passengers vulnerable to abrupt jolts and shifts.

Qatar Airways Flight QR017 from Doha was greeted by emergency fire and rescue services soon before 1 p.m. local time, according to a Dublin Airport statement. Six passengers and six crew members reported injury.

Experts from the University of Reading’s meteorology department warn that turbulence occurrences may become more prevalent when wind patterns shift as a result of global warming.

In reaction to the Dublin incident, Qatar Airways has assured that medical attention is being provided to those wounded, and an internal inquiry is ongoing to determine the circumstances that caused the turbulence. The airline has offered full cooperation with the inquiry, emphasizing its steadfast commitment to customer and crew safety.


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