Yatra.com Provides Free Bus Services for Migrant Workers

Yatra.com, in collaboration with the Delhi and Gurugram Administration, will provide free bus services to the city’s migrant workers. This service, starting May 22nd, will travel to different destinations in Uttar Pradesh. This initiative of Yatra.com is also supported by the Hindu College Old Students Association and the Members of the Delhi chapter of the YPO.

150 Busses to be provided for safe transport

Currently, Yatra.com will provide 150 busses operating from different transit points in Delhi and Gurugram to places in Uttar Pradesh over the next few days. Delhi and Gurugram local authorities aim to provide safe transportation of over 3,500 migrant workers through this service.

Dhruv Shringi, Co-founder & CEO, Yatra.com, addressing this initiative, said, “The plight of the migrant workers wanting to go back home has been very disconcerting and we have been trying to figure out how best we can help them to reach their homes. For this, we have provided the Delhi and Gurugram Administration with up to 150 buses to transport migrant laborers to their hometown. This is a complex problem of immense magnitude which despite their best efforts the local administrations cannot solve on their own. Therefore, as responsible corporate citizens we all need to do what we can to support the local authorities and our fellow citizens in this difficult hour.”

In agreement with first responders, essential service workers, and healthcare professionals, Yatra.com had recently also offered 300 free holidays to Goa to medical professionals, police, and military service personnel. This was done to express gratitude for their tireless and impeccable services.

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