WTTC Wants ‘High-Risk Countries’ Concept To Change, Focus On Individual Travellers Instead

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has asked governments to do away with the concept of ‘high-risk countries’. Instead, the focus should shift to how individual ‘high-risk travellers’ are treated at borders. The international organisation is calling governments from across the globe to shift their focus to individual travellers and redefine their approach to risk assessment. This move may significantly help revive international business and leisure travel. 

A combined approach to facilitate the meaningful return of travel 

A common international consensus on the metrics of risk assessment alongside a focus on cost-effective, rapid departure and arrival testing schemes for all travellers will greatly help the meaningful return of travel. This will also ensure that only those affected will have to isolate. Travellers who test negative will be able to continue their safe travels. 

Gloria Guevara, WTTC chief executive, said: “Risk based on entire countries is neither effective nor productive. Redefining risk towards individual travellers instead will be key for unlocking the door to the return of safe international travel. We need to learn from past experiences and crises such as 9/11. We cannot continue labelling entire countries as ‘high-risk’ which assumes everyone is infected.While the UK is currently seeing high levels of infections, clearly not all Britons are infected; the same goes for all Americans, Spaniards or the French.The reality is much more complex.”

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