Uttarakhand Proposes INR 424 Cr for Upgrading Facilities At Badrinath Temple

In a meeting with locals, Dilip Jawalkar, Tourism Secretary of Uttarakhand discussed the proposal of the Badrinath master plan. A budget of INR 424 crore has been proposed for the beautification and upgradation of facilities around the Himalayan temple. 

The proposed budget will be passed once the PM approves the same

Prepared under the guidance of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, the plan is designed to retain the spiritual essence of the temple township. By giving a general facelift, the plan will service the pilgrims around the shrine. 

Jawalkar had discussed the master plan with teerth purohits and traders of the area and addressed their doubts.

Badrinath Temple
The crowded temple town of Badrinath in the Indian Himalayas.

“To be implemented in three phases, the master plan includes beautification of the Shesh Netra and Badrish lakes near the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the first, expansion and renovation of temple premises and nearby areas in the second and construction of an ‘Astha Path’ from Shesh Netra lake to the temple in the third,” added Jawalkar.

Furthermore, the official inspected areas including Narayan Parvat, Brahma Kapal, Taptkund, and Bamani village.

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