Universal Orlando Announces Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong Country For SUPER NINTENDO WORLD

Universal Studios-Hollywood, California
Universal Studios-Hollywood, California

Universal Orlando Resort has revealed fresh details for one of the five regions coming to the all-new Universal Epic Universe theme park, which is set to open in 2025.

The new Nintendo-themed region will include attractions, dining, shopping, interactive experiences, and character meet-and-greets based on the Super Mario franchise and, for the first time in the United States, Donkey Kong Country.

Upon entering the theme park, visitors will be taken through the iconic green pipe into the immersive environment, where they will see Mt. Beanpole, Peach’s Castle, Piranha Plants, pacing Goombas, spinning coins, mystery blocks, and more.

Guests will then proceed to Super Mario Land, where Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and other characters will provide entertainment such as Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, which combines augmented reality, projection mapping technology, and intricate environments with the traditional game.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy vistas of Super Mario Land while searching for glowing eggs in the Mushroom Kingdom at Yoshi’s Adventure. The resort will also include the Toadstool Cafe, Yoshi’s Snack Island, and Turbo Boost Treats, which will serve dishes inspired by the universe of Super Mario and its characters.

After they’ve had their fill of food, tourists may proceed to Donkey Kong Country, where they can experience the video game series’ tropical scenery, complete with tall trees, waterfalls, and sites like The Golden Temple.

The land will also contain many merchandising spots, meet and greets, and Power-Up bands, which allow guests to gather digital coins around the land to earn a battle against Bowser Jr.

One of the area’s main attractions will be Mine-Cart Madness, a family coaster that takes adventurers into the forest to help Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong protect the coveted golden banana while being blown out of a barrel and seemingly jumping over holes in the track.

The area will also include a tropical menu and products inspired by the Donkey Kong Country video game series and its characters. Guests can engage in interactive games, acquire digital stamps on attractions, earn digital keys to open a unique confrontation with Bowser Jr., and discover other hidden surprises.


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