Ukraine Showcases “WE ARE HERE” Campaign With Prominent Video At ITB Berlin

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Kiev Cityscape, Ukraine

During the ITB Congress in Berlin, Ukraine’s State Agency for Tourism Development (SATD) debuted a new campaign named “We Are Here: Brave Hearts of Ukraine”.

Since the battle with Russia began just over two years ago, global attention has been diverted away from the ongoing conflict. Mariana Oleskiv, Chair of the SATD, hopes that this new campaign will remind the global travel community that Ukraine still has a proud tourist industry and that they are working to revitalize it despite the challenges given by the ongoing conflict.

As part of this effort, the SATD released a moving video demonstrating its unwavering resilience and willingness to welcome tourists with open arms as soon as peace is restored. The video, which was released during this year’s ITB Congress, is the cornerstone of SATD’s strategy to reinvigorate interest in Ukrainian tourism in the future, emphasizing the organization’s resolve to share the country’s beauty and hospitality with visitors from all over the world. Ukraine has a broad range of experiences waiting to be discovered, from the busy streets of Kyiv to the breathtaking scenery of the Carpathian Mountains, the bustling port city of Odesa to the attractive architecture of Lviv.

The campaign video was inspired by a famous video of a defiant President Zelensky stating “we are all here” on the first night of Russia’s invasion. The movie shown at ITB expands on this message, featuring Ukrainians who previously worked in the travel and tourism industry but are now contributing to the war effort. The campaign’s message is that Ukraine is still there, with all of its cities, wildlife, and culture for the world to discover once the crisis is resolved.

Mariana Oleskiv, Chairperson of Ukraine’s State Agency for Tourism Development, stated that when people think about Ukraine, they envision a country destroyed by war. This campaign aims to show people that this is not the reality. Ukraine is a stunning country with a rich history and culture, amazing scenery, and incredible cuisine. It’s a country full of people eager to welcome guests as soon as it is safe to do so. With this campaign, we hope to shift the narrative about Ukraine and show people that there is so much to discover when the moment is right.

Mariana added that they are dedicated to rebuilding Ukraine as a tourist destination. Ukraine is developing measures to repair our infrastructure, hotels, resorts, and attractions so that international visitors can return to Ukraine safely. They are committed to creating jobs in tourism, which will be critical to the rehabilitation of the tourism industry following our victory, and needs people to visit Ukraine and assist them in that effort.

This campaign provides SATD with a rare opportunity to highlight Ukraine’s resilience and tenacious spirit, as well as the wonderful offerings available to visitors. The video depicts a side of Ukraine that shows Ukraine’s courage and the ongoing fight for the country’s future.

Despite the challenges, Ukrainians remain unified in their determination to preserve their heritage and promoting Ukraine as a welcome and lively destination that should be on every prospective traveler’s bucket list.

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