After battling a heavy surge in cases, UK has now broken the chain of transmission of the virus and has also started its vaccination drive in full motion from the early months of 2021. More than 39 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of their vaccination. This is part of the biggest inoculation program that the country has ever launched. Now, as the cases have decreased, UK government is slowly opening up and lifting lockdown restrictions in a phased manner. People are finally able to go out and dine, meet friends and family and say that they are slowly returning to a sense of normalcy. 

Health Minister Matt Hancock, has said that they would decide on the 14th of June about the fourth and final phase of lifting lockdown restrictions. The fourth and final stage of easing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions wherein all limits on social contact would be removed.

But, those in the committees related to vaccination and immunization say that even though UK is well advanced with the vaccine program, not everyone has been immunized or got both the doses, and this means that to some degree there is an unknown risk. Things are much better as compared to how they were a few weeks ago and they should aim to keep it the same way. They have warned the UK of having to return to a full lockdown if all the Covid restrictions were lifted too quickly. This is also due to the fact that many people were seen at beer gardens, restaurants, parks and beaches in large crowds, increasing the risk of a rise in Covid-19 cases if social distancing rules were not followed properly. 

This is why, it is believed that there is a significant chance the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will have to delay the removal of all Covid restrictions and proceed with his timetable as planned. They said that they would be much better off being cautious and adhering to all covid norms instead of overdoing things and having it result in a complete lockdown again. 


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