During the months of July and August, Turkish Airlines achieved new heights as the national carrier boosted its seat capacity by 14 percent despite a global decline in the sector.

Turkish Airlines distinguishes itself from its competitors in the air during the epidemic, and after the most difficult period in the aviation sector, it continues to set records in its ascent. In July and August of 2022, the global carrier transported 7.8 million passengers each month, shattering its pre-pandemic record for monthly passenger count.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat: “We are the world’s biggest network carrier when it comes to seat count on international flights.”

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, chairman of the board and executive committee of Turkish Airlines, stated that with the effects of the global pandemic diminishing, global competitiveness in the aviation sector has resumed where it left off, at a higher level.  As an airline whose performance throughout the crisis was excellent, Turkish Airlines is pleased to continue its success after the crisis has gone. 

He added, “Our goal was to surpass our 2019 performance which we managed to do so with the efforts of our 65 thousand strong work force.”

He remarked that while the aviation sector shrunk by 19 percent during August compared to 2019 on the available seat kilometers, the airline grew by 14 percent on the same metric. Thus, as of August, Turkish Airlines became the world’s largest network carrier in terms of international flight seat capacity. 

“Every member of our family contributed to this success,” said Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat.


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