Turkey has begun its safe tourism program that will ensure all employees of the airlines, airports, accommodation facilities, travel agencies as well as the professional guides will be vaccinated before the beginning of 2021 summer season in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and TourismMinistry of Health and Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA).

The ‘Safe Tourism Certification Program’ was launched in June 2020 and Turkey has been following stringent health and safety guidelines to ensure all required steps are taken for the safety of tourism employees and its residents.

One of the first of its kind, Safe Tourism Certification Program led by Culture and Tourism Ministry has been developed with the contributions of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in cooperation with all the stakeholders in the industry.

 The program defines and advises an extensive series of measures to be taken with regards to transportation and accommodation of all Turkish citizens and international visitors who will spend their holidays in Turkey as well as the well-being and health conditions of passengers, guests and of employees working at touristic facilities.   The program is carried out meticulously in coordination with the Ministry of Health. 

The continuous efforts to fight against COVID-19 will enhance Turkey’s position as one of the world’s safest destinations, the ‘Safe Tourism Certification Program’ is one of the first and most successful projects in the world in this field.

The Country has made it compulsory for accommodation facilities with 30 or more rooms, and as of now more than 8.000 facilities were certified making it one of the top choices as a safe travel option for international travelers. 


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