Tourism Fiji Rewards Five Matai Specialist Partners With a Familiarization Trip To The Destination


Fiji Matai Specialist contest Winners enjoy exquisite and bespoke experiences in Fiji.

Tourism Fiji recently concluded its first post Covid Matai Agent Famil from India. The famil trip was part of an incentive announced last year during the launch of the new Fiji MATAI Specialist Programme, Tourism Fiji’s e-learning platform.

In its dedicated endeavor to stimulate tourism recovery from India, Tourism Fiji has been fervently amplifying its trade initiatives across the country. As part of the launch of the new Matai Specialist in India, an incentive offering five participating travel partners an opportunity to embark on an exclusive trade familiarization trip to Fiji was announced.

Spanning over a period of 7 days, the famil trip allowed the Matai agents, to explore the hidden gems and immerse themselves in the captivating culture of Fiji. From the time of their arrival at Nadi International Airport, the travel agents were embraced by the warm Fijian hospitality. The group was whisked away to luxurious accommodations, strategically chosen to provide a comfortable and authentic experience throughout their stay.

Through the trip, the travel agents experienced natural wonders that Fiji is renowned for. They had the opportunity to witness the vibrant marine life as they explored coral reefs through snorkeling excursions. Adventurous activities such as jet boating and zip lining allowed them to embrace the thrilling side of Fiji. The travel agents also delved into the rich Fijian culture, engaging in traditional ceremonies and savoring the authentic flavors of Fijian cuisine.

Through these famil initiatives, Tourism Fiji aims to empower trade partners with comprehensive destination knowledge and equip them with firsthand destination experiences to cater to the unique preferences and desires of their clients, enabling them to showcase Fiji to their clientele with utmost confidence and enthusiasm.

“We are thrilled to welcome our Indian MATAI agents in Fiji as part of our commitment to support tourism recovery in Fiji,” said Kathy Koyamaibole, Regional Director Asia Pacific at Tourism Fiji. “By incentivizing trade partners to actively engage and deepen their destination knowledge, we are confident that they will become powerful ambassadors for Fiji, inspiring travelers to discover the wonders of our beautiful Islands.”


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