Just over a year after reopening its borders to tourists, Tourism Fiji is launching a revamped version of its well-known “happiness” brand platform.

The new brand platform, ‘Where happiness comes naturally,’ is a significant evolution that pays attention to Fiji’s native people, spectacular natural landscapes, rich culture, and real experiences, enabling travellers to discover a side of Fiji they may not have known existed.

According to a recent survey on sustainable travel, 66% of travellers desire authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture.

Tourism Fiji is capitalising on this growing consumer desire for meaningful travel that fosters cultural and community connections.

Brent Hill, the chief executive officer of Tourist Fiji, stated, “For over a decade our tourism brand platform, ‘Where Happiness Finds You’ has attracted people from all over the world. During the peak of the pandemic, visitor numbers fell to almost 30,000 annually. As our borders closed, Fijians showed that they are so much more than just a friendly face.”

He added that resilience, ingenuity, entrepreneurialism, and a strong sense of community enabled Fiji to survive when its visitor numbers were drastically reduced. Since then,  Fiji’s international visitor numbers have steadily increased, reaching 102,5% of pre-pandemic levels in December 2022.

“With new flight routes opening up from the UK to Fiji and long-haul travel firmly on the rise for British and Irish travellers, we wanted to roll out ‘Where happiness comes naturally’ to capture that demand, and welcome even more visitors back to Fiji in 2023, showing them a side of the country that they may not have experienced,” he added.

Brent Hill continued, “We are a small island nation with a lot of happiness to offer, and this new brand platform showcases the rich and diverse cultures and traditions that exist within Fiji at their most authentic.”

Tourism Fiji has announced the development and promotion of five new travel pillars as part of its brand evolution: Natural Environment, Adventurous Experiences, Community Connections, Recharge and Reconnect, and Food and Drink.

The launch also includes a new logo that combines modern and bold typography with masi, a traditional Fijian art form.


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