To Protect Grassland, Andhra Pradesh To Regulate Tourism Activities At Gudisa

According to reports, the Territorial Wing of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department plans to regulate tourism activities at Gudisa. It is the only grassland tourist destination in Andhra Pradesh, 45-km away from Maredumilli town in East Godavari district.

Situated in the reserve forest, Gudisa is surrounded by fields of flowers (Lamiaceae family)

These flowers bloom in winter and along with a waterfall, these sights attract tourists from across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

This winter season, Gudisa has been observing a huge number of tourist arrivals as tourism activities have resumed in the region. However, it has been found that tourists are lighting campfires by collecting wood from the grassland. This is not permissible in the reserve forest and disturbs the grassland.

B Sunil Kumar Reddy, Forest Officer, East Godavari District, said, “A check-post will be set up at the foot of the Gudisa hill at Vollangi village. This will engage the tribal people to run it and collect fees for entering the grassland. The check-post will help regulate tourism activities, prevent night stay, apart from generating revenue through tourism.”

Andhra Pradesh

Kumar added, “As it was a reserve forest, night stay on the grassland was prohibited. The grassland had every potential to become a major tourist attraction in the state. It is risky to stay for the night on the grassland. We strongly advise to avoid planning the visit to the grassland along with the families as the road to the hill does not support for a safe travel in the night.”

With respect to regulating the movement of tourist vehicles, talks are on with local police to keep an eye on the same to avoid any accidents.  

Currently, tourists are forming into groups and planning an adventure trip to Gudisa by travelling on two-wheelers. They also prefer to stay for the night to explore the beauty of the place.

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