The long-awaited three-year world cruise will never even leave port. A lengthy world cruise during which passengers were permitted to reside on board has been canceled.

It’s difficult to live on a ship when you don’t have one. However, Life at Sea Cruises, the organization of the trip, informed those who have already registered via letter that they have been unable to secure a ship.

The cruise was scheduled to depart on November 30, following three postponements; some passengers received notification of the departure date less than three weeks beforehand. Certain passengers had arranged to rent out their residences in advance of relocating to the sea.

As the cruise was initially advertised as departing from Istanbul and then Amsterdam, a significant number of prospective passengers are stranded abroad. A total of one hundred cabins have been sold.

Although the company promised to make restitution, the funds would be transferred monthly.

Those who have already spent tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to the income lost due to lack of housing, will be disappointed by this development.

“There’s a whole lot of people right now with nowhere to go, and some need their refund to even plan a place to go – it’s not good right now,” said one passenger, who wished to remain anonymous until they received their refund.

Life at Sea believed an agreement to acquire a decommissioned ship was finalized, but it ultimately fell through.

“If we will not be able to sail on December 1, we will offer you to sail on another departure date or refund all the payments within a short schedule,” the CEO of Life at Sea’s parent company stated in a letter. “We have tried everything to make your dreams come true and we will continue to do so.”


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