The UK Suspends Outbound Travel Amid New Lockdown Protocols

As England reels under a new surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, all citizens have been advised to avoid non-essential travel. The country is preparing for another lockdown amid rising cases. All foreign holidays and overnight stays across the UK have been banned. People will only be allowed to travel for work, education or other legally permitted exemptions.

The government announced these new guidelines saying: “there is no exemption for staying away from home on holiday – this includes staying in a second home”. While airlines were operating normal flight schedules before the lockdown, they are likely to significantly reduce during November. 

Citizens of England who are already abroad need not travel home before lockdown

The official government announcement further explained: “Those currently on a domestic holiday will be allowed to finish their holidays, but are still subject to the requirements in England not to go out without a reasonable excuse.” Anyone arriving in England from abroad before November 5th will be able to travel back as normal as flights are operating at regular capacity.

ABTA (a trade association for tour operators and travel agents in the United Kingdom) confirmed that the latest protocol would lead to the closure of travel businesses next month. Mark Tanzer, ABTA chief executive, said: “The announcement that holidays in the UK and abroad will not be allowed under lockdown in England will mean a complete shut down for travel businesses which have already been severely damaged by the pandemic – but public health must come first. We are pleased to see the government has recognised the significant impact the latest lockdown will have on businesses and has extended the furlough scheme until the start of December.”

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