Watch episode No. 4 of Untouched Conversations featuring Mr Pradeep P.K, Cab Driver in Bengaluru, India, now. Exclusively on #TheDopeTV

Untouched Conversations with the actual heroes of the transport and travel industry. A true platform where we engage and explore day to day difficulties of tourism and travel backbones, cab drivers. Tune in as we explore, how the country’s bus and taxi drivers are dealing with the effects of the pandemic #COVID19. Meant to be an eye-opening experience, we want to #starttheconversation and get you thinking.

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  1. It’s just really sad that there are efforts taken by other government to keep our Backbone supported at these times and we haven’t been doing anything. Let’s support them to the extent we can !!

  2. Undoubtedly the cab drivers are the backbone of the transport industry . Unfortunately no one really values their service.
    This is a great initiative by Dope TV in bringing the untold stories of the people who actually matter.


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