There is a raging controversy on refunds and rebates in the travel industry at the moment. This is a triangle of Customer, Agents and Airlines. But who is responsible? Have Associations done enough? have Airlines cooperated? Have governments paved the way for a smoother recovery?

Here are TravelAgents along with representatives of TAAI, IATO, and IAAI, all trying to answer the big question. Will we get back what is due to us from Airlines?

We are super excited to present to you yet another episode of The Big Fix with Mr Sheldon Santwan, Editor in Chief of Travel Biz Monitor.

What is the Big Fix?

On ‘The Big Fix’ we seek to understand the future of the travel and tourism industry, moving forward post COVID-19 period. We want to focus on what bigger players in the travel industry are doing to stay afloat. Thus creating a platform to educate smaller operators, small scale businesses and travel agents. The fundamental understanding of the show is to create actionable extensions or alternatives to survive COVID-19 and stay relevant in this weakening sector.

Our Panelists:

Mr Tarun Malhotra, Director of InORBIT Tours Pvt. Ltd;

Mr Pronab Sarkar, President of Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) & Founding Member of Swagatam Tours Pvt. Ltd;

Mr Lokesh Bettaiah, Managing Director of Triway Travels Pvt. Ltd. & Hon. Secretary-General of Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Bangalore; and

Mr Biji Eapen, CMD of Speedwings Aviation Group & National President of IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI).

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