The Dope presents a brand new show, crafted, cast and created to get you thinking. 5 people one table and questions that no one wants to ask. Watch as we throw the uppercut in the industry to try and get a knockdown on what the Travel Industry actually wants and needs.

This is ‘In The Ring‘ with dope. Today we have 5 amazing panellists, who are at the forefront of the industry, tackling the most important question- Will the travel industry survive the pandemic Coronavirus?

Our Panellists:
Ms Ranjini Nambiar, CEO, Footloose Yatra Consultants & President, SKAL International India
Mr Amish Desai, Chairman, TAAI Karnataka Chapter & Director, Beleast Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Manoj Mathew, President, SKAL International Bangalore & VP- Operations, Tamara Leisure Experiences
Mr Anil Kumar, Director, ACMA Travels

Our Host:
Mr Arun Raghu, Co-Founder Travel Earth

So, tune in for an exclusive insight into the big fight as the travel industry tackles the pandemic coronavirus.


  1. India will be future turist destination. The turist managers have to work from US and Europe to India.


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