The Azores Islands Is COVID-19 Free, Resumes Tourism

The Azores islands have reported no active COVID-19 cases for several days, declaring it COVID-19 free. The islands had recorded 146 positive COVID-19 cases with 130 recovered cases and 16 deaths. The Portuguese destination has thus been added to a safe list prepared by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office with Madeira and Porto Santo. 

The executive director of the Azores Tourism Board, Luís Capdeville Botelho, said: “The Azores Islands are delighted to have been recognized by the European Best Destination Organisation as the safest place to travel in light of the pandemic and can today proudly declare the islands Covid-19 free, with no active cases reported.

The islands can return to a state of normality, with safety measures in place

“From now on we are sure that people will cherish the safety of the Azores Islands, a destination which has always prided itself on its commitment to welcoming visitors with open arms, with their wellbeing at the forefront of our minds. We are immensely proud of the swift action taken by the Portuguese government, tourism industry, and local establishments here on the islands to ensure that we can return to a state of normality, with the utmost safety measures in place to maintain this.

“The Azores islands are the perfect destination for travelers who have a preference for nature experiences and products such as hiking, whale watching, local cuisine, and historical traditions. The measures which continue to remain in place are designed to keep every single person who visits the island safe and well, with minimal impact on their experience.

“We thank everybody for their patience and cooperation to sit back, pause and reflect on the travels they could experience after the height of the pandemic – for that time is now, and we cannot wait to see you here once more,” he added.

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