The Ashok Hotel Gets ISO Certification For Energy Management Practices

India Tourism Development Corporation’s (ITDC) flagship property, The Ashok Hotel received an ISO 50001:2018 certification for managing the hotel’s energy requirement efficiently, after World Environment Day. 

The ISO 50001:2018 certification

This certification is an international energy management and efficiency improvement standard awarded to organizations that efficiently manage their energy spending, reduce their emissions, and also make their employees aware of the importance of sustainable energy management. 

Vijay Dutt, General Manager, The Ashok Hotel, said, “The Ashok Hotel epitomizes heritage and grandeur, with sustainability embedded in its core. The hotel was built in an era when sustainability was an inherent construction practice, and we continue to live by it even today. We are applying the best practices to stay true to all of the principles of environmental protection and also spreading the message that efficient energy management is the only way to make sure your business is sustainable.”

The hotel’s sustainability practices

By design, the hotel’s landscape significantly reduces heat impact and offers a cooler microclimate. The hotel achieved a zero-discharge status from its on-site sewage management and reused treated wastewater for cooling towers and landscaping. Rainwater is restored to the ground using recharge pits. Waste management and treatment are also in place. All the kitchen waste is treated through on-site composting. Chiller and lighting upgrades have been carried out, with controls being installed in guest rooms to bring down annual energy costs. Further retrofits and solar PV systems have been installed for overall energy savings.

In 2017, The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi became the first government-owned existing commercial building in India to be LEED Gold certified. It is also the oldest hotel property in Asia to earn any level of LEED certification. 

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