From July 1, foreign visitors to Thailand will no longer be required to register for the Thailand Pass and purchase the US$10,000 health insurance that was previously required.

This requirement was lifted for Thai nationals on June 1, but it remained in effect for foreign nationals.

If you plan to travel to Thailand, you must still show a print or digital copy of your vaccination certificate or a negative RT-PCR or professional ATK (Antigen Test Kit) test result within 72 hours of departure.

Travelers are advised that random checks may occur upon arrival at Thailand’s international airports or land border checkpoints in 22 of the country’s 77 provinces. Those who are discovered to be unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, or who are unable to show proof of a negative pre-arrival test, will be subjected to a professional antigen test.

Wearing face coverings outside is never fun, and it’s even less fun when it’s as hot and humid as it often is in this Southeast Asian gem. Indoor use may necessitate the use of a face covering. Thailand is also removing outdoor mask regulations in the country which will be phased out beginning July 1st, 2022.

Thailand’s 77 provinces are all green zones, which means that normal activities are now permitted and there are no more COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions. However, all visitors and residents are expected to maintain and follow basic SOP and hygiene practises for their own safety as well as the safety of those around them.

Thailand is now in the post-pandemic stage, with all borders open and international travel taking place. Keeping this in mind, as well as the safety of residents, the Royal Thai Government will soon issue a new set of guidelines for both residents and foreign visitors.


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