Thailand Reopens Borders, Visitors Have To Stay For 30 days

Thailand has recently reopened its borders for international tourism. The new guidelines, however, make it mandatory for visitors to stay for 30 days. This has been put in place to revive the tourism sector in the country and make up for lost time.

Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor, Tourism Authority of Thailand has explained the process in detail. The 30-day minimum stay will also include a 14-day quarantine as a safety measure. The travellers can quarantine themselves close to the hotel. Once the quarantine ends, the travellers will be allowed to move freely around the country.

Earlier, air bubbles and travel arrangements were supposed to be made with neighbouring countries. But since the cases spiked in Asia, this move was called off. 

What are the safety measures in place for Thailand?

Starting October 1st, travellers will have to submit two COVID negative test results while they are quarantined. Once this is submitted, they can travel freely in Phuket. Then the travellers will have to undergo a third COVID test after which they can travel to other places in the country. 

Thailand has been swift and prompt when it comes to curbing the virus. For three months now, they haven’t had any confirmed case of local COVID-19 transmission. 

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