This Saturday, January 22nd, Switzerland will no longer require a pre-travel PCR test, but only for fully vaccinated tourists.

Those who can show proof of recent Covid recovery are not required to do a pre-travel test.

Most unvaccinated visitors will still be denied entry; however, those who qualify for an exemption will still be required to take a test before entering the country, however they will no longer be required to take post-arrival tests four to seven days later.

Unvaccinated children and teenagers under the age of 18 can still enter Switzerland if they are accompanied by vaccinated parents or guardians.

Families who intend to visit Switzerland during the peak ski season will appreciate the update, which will save them hundreds of dollars on additional tests.

Following a vote by the Swiss regions (cantons), the Swiss government extended its advice to work from home until the end of February.

The Federal Council said in a statement: “In view of the continuing strained situation in hospitals, the Federal Council, after consulting the cantons, social partners, parliamentary committees and relevant associations, is extending the requirement to work from home until the end of February, and the remaining measures until the end of March.”

“All of the cantons generally came out in favour of extending the validity of the measures,” it continued.

The pre-travel test was added to the country’s list of entrance requirements in December, following concerns over the Omicron variant.

With 1,694 confirmed cases per 100,000 individuals during a seven-day period, Switzerland is now seeing higher case figures than the UK (the UK had 924).

The country’s laws on proof of vaccination will likewise change on January 31, in line with the EU’s.

The proof of vaccination will be stamped with a nine-month expiry date.

This means that in order for their vaccine pass to be valid, travellers must obtain a booster within 270 days of their second vaccine jab. Your booster shot will therefore last for 270 days.

“The Federal Council is shortening the validity period of all vaccination certificates from 365 to 270 days from 31 January. This ensures that the Swiss certificate continues to be recognised in the EU. Certificates issued as proof of recovery from Covid-19 will also only be valid for 270 days,” outlined yesterday’s statement.

In other good news for vacationers, the UK government is reportedly considering removing the “day two” test for vaccinated arrivals as early as next week.

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