Spain welcomes its visitors by reopening its tourism sector, British holiday makers can arrive in Spain without any need to go into quarantine. Spain has opened its borders in an attempt to boost its economy. The Spanish government said that the decision was taken out of respect for the British people, who have a second home in Spain and are very keen to visit. But, the foreign office is still advising British nationals against all but essential travel overseas, as Spain still remains on UK’s amber list, meaning people should not visit unless absolutely necessary.

Spain ended the need for visitors to undergo any quarantine earlier this week, families have begun reuniting after months of being apart. The pools and beaches all across Spain are now open, and people are seen spending time out with their friends and family. Many of the people returning to Spain say there are still very few flights and the airports are empty, shops shuttered, and planes parked outside the terminals, but travel is starting up again.

As Spain welcomes visitors, the first flight to Spain was only 20% occupied, and there are also certain rules to be followed while flying, such as wearing the mask at all times, passengers are also expected to remain seated for the entire duration of the flight. Things have also changed for arrivals in Spain. Temperatures are checked for all those coming in and they need to provide contact tracing details in case a Covid-19 case is found among the passengers. Flying has certainly become less comfortable than before.

Spain does look alluring, the beaches are open and but a visit isn’t simple, social distancing rules apply even at these beaches and other outdoor areas, masks are required to be worn and many of the hotels are yet to open up the UK is still enforcing a 10-day quarantine, and to get tested twice during that period after their return.

Travelers from other countries such as South Korea, China, and New Zealand will also be welcome into the country for non-essential travel. And soon, vaccinated travelers from Non-European countries, including the US will be welcome from June. Spain ended its ‘national state of emergency declared in October 2020 on the 9th of May. Despite all this, the UK government has advised its citizens not to travel if not necessary as the UK is also slowly returning to a state of normalcy, and they would not want a spike in cases again.


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