Spain To Resume International Tourism In July

In July, Spain will resume international tourism, according to Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. He guarantees the safety of visitors and the workforce. Every year, Spain receives more than 80 million tourists per year.

Spain is ready to welcome travelers again

The Prime Minister assured that as a part of planning for Spain’s phased reopening plan ‘Plan de De Escalada’ – the government and tourism industry was working together to formulate measures for tourism to restart. 

The steps will be supervised by the ministry of industry, business, and tourism in partnership with Spain’s sovereign communities. Further, the government of Spain declared that Spanish tourism will focus on two new trademarks – health & safety and environmental sustainability. 

Similarly, other countries like Greece, Poland, and the Algarve are also planning to do the same. Now it’s time to see what Britons will do next as the government has already announced the 14 days of quarantine policy for visitors which may affect UK tourism.


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