Second Wave Of COVID-19 Slows Down Aviation Recovery In China

Cirium’s latest flight tracking records show that the second wave of coronavirus in Beijing has negatively impacted the speed of aviation recovery in China. Passenger jet operations have significantly slowed down with a new spike in the number of cases. 

Aviation recovery significantly impacted

As per the records Cirium, compared to June 9th, there is a reduction in tracked scheduled passenger jet aircraft by 0.5 percent for June 16th. Out of China’s biggest carriers, Beijing based Air China is worst affected. On June 16th it operated nearly 730 flights as compared to 900 flights on the same day the previous week. 


However, as per the schedule and status data for June 17th revealed that around 2,500 flights were removed and canceled for the whole of China. Only 9,200 flights were in operation. May was the first-ever month in which Chinese aviation companies flew more scheduled passenger jet aircrafts than their US counterparts. Recent trends suggest that this could be reversed in the near future. 

To contain the second wave of the virus, Beijing has reintroduced several restrictions. 1,200 flights have been canceled and railway services have also been decreased till July 9th. Primary schools, middle schools, and college classes are closed again. Sports teams are not allowed to play. Swimming pools and gyms are ordered to close. While roads are not closed, companies and factories will remain open. People staying in medium or high- risk areas are not allowed to leave the city. However, people living in low-risk areas can move but they have to be tested negative first.

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