Saudia Launches Amadeus Nevio In Middle East


Saudia and Amadeus have announced a partnership to facilitate the transition to a completely new iteration of streamlined, end-to-end retailing technology.

New modular technology that powers business solutions will assist the airline in increasing revenue, differentiating itself, and enhancing customer service.

The national airline of Saudi Arabia announced its intention to become even more traveler-centric by partnering with Amadeus to launch Amadeus Nevio, a new modular offering for end-to-end airline retailing, servicing, and delivery.

These new offerings would enable Saudia to transform every aspect of its operations to become more customer-centric, in line with the IATA’s vision for a more dynamic and contemporary purchasing experience.

With Amadeus Nevio, the airline would be able to offer passengers more relevant and personalized travel experiences that include its own and partner products, including hotel, airport, and destination services.

Dynamically priced offers will assist Saudia in gaining a competitive edge by providing its customers with granular pricing options that best meet their individual requirements.

Saudia intends to use Amadeus technology to disseminate its advanced merchandising offers across the widest possible distribution channels, thereby facilitating end-to-end NDC booking flows.

Saudia intends to modernize every aspect of its guest experience, including digital touchpoints, its contact center, and airport service points, so that guests can self-serve digitally if they so choose.

Guests could simply add or remove ancillary services, for instance, by using a mobile application.

To maximize the potential of its transformation, Saudia has also decided to modernize its network planning and flight schedules.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) will aid Saudia in predicting potential disruptions in order to create flight schedules that deliver improved on-time performance and are better aligned with the competitive market dynamics.

Saudia’s chief commercial officer, Arved von zur Muehlen, stated:

We want to refocus every aspect of our business around the guest, which is in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. From the offers we make, to the schedules we operate and the level of flexible and personalized service we provide across all our touchpoints. We want every aspect of the Saudia experience to delight our guests. Amadeus Nevio would give us new levels of flexibility and the ability to achieve this throughout our entire operation.

Amadeus and Saudia will collaborate on Saudia’s migration from the Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service System, which is based on current industry standards, to the Amadeus Nevio system, which is based on novel offer and order principles.

With intelligent bridging, the airline is able to maintain business continuity and transition at its own tempo.

Saudia will also have access to dedicated support and consulting from new co-located Innovation Centres, where joint Amadeus and Saudia teams will work to ensure maximum value from the retail transformation, allowing Saudia to develop and implement new capabilities within days.

Maher Koubaa, executive vice president of airlines for EMEA at Amadeus, stated:

We are excited to partner with Saudia as one of the first launching airlines of Amadeus Nevio. With our latest technology, we are putting the traveler centricity at the core of our offering, allowing airlines to achieve an outstanding end-to-end experience. With this new technology the entire experience can now be traveler-centric and that’s hugely exciting.


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