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Saga is rolling out a new brand campaign aimed at shifting people’s perceptions on ageing and highlighting the benefits of growing older.

The campaign is part of a larger data, digital, and marketing strategy by Saga, which promotes “Generation Experience” — the discerning, sharp, and savvy over-50s.

The integrated campaign, which is based on deep customer insight, will include the premiere of new TV ads as well as a push into digital channels.

VCCP London, in collaboration with VCCP Media, VCCP CX, and Someone, created the integrated campaign.

The over 50s are the UK’s fastest-growing generation, as well as the ones with the most spending power.

By 2030, the UK will have 27.9 million people over the age of 50, with adults over 65 spending 63 pence on every £1.

Despite the importance of this group – and growing awareness of the need for stronger cultural representation of gender, ethnicity, and disability — age is frequently left out of the conversation, and cultural content is either invisible or marginalised.

Only 29% of TV commercials feature characters beyond the age of 50, with only 12% in leading roles.

Saga Group’s chief executive, Euan Sutherland, said: “People are living longer than ever before; they are working longer; they are helping their families; they are contributing to society.

“We know our customers do not feel old – they feel as if they are experienced.

“They have lived full lives, have so much to give and fully intend to make the most of each and every day.”

Saga’s campaign will kick off with a 60-second TV commercial that will introduce the brand’s new creative direction.

Nicholas Farrell (The Crown, Torchwood) takes a unique approach to age preconceptions, substituting negative connotations with a clever and razor-sharp monologue – drawing on his decades of experience as a screen and stage actor to embody the ‘Generation Experience’ attitude.

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